Ok, here are the web-page updates that I will be making in the near future. They are listed in the order that I plan to do them:

  1. Rx7 Buyer's Guide (thousands of people have asked for it)
  2. Favorite 'Rx7' Roads (cool pics!)
  3. Stats/Info on all Rx7 Generations
  4. Scans of usefull microfilm printouts (parts and part #'s)
  5. Add more local cars
  6. Add several FAQs (including GSL-SE idle fixes)
  7. GRM adjustable fuel mixture project (it works!)
  8. Wankel Anims
  9. Reviews of good Rx7 Books
  10. Rx7 List Archives
  11. Rx7 Graveyard (used parts)
  12. More personal information

If there is anything you can think of that would make a good addition to my page, please e-mail me at disney@utkux.utcc.utk.edu


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