The Coolest Rx7 Roads

I challenge thee to come up with a better looking Rx7 road than the one below!

If you have a few good road pics, e-mail me at and we will figure out how to get them on-line. If you have access to a scanner, you can scan them in and drop them on a FTP site or e-mail them to me if they're not too big (please check with me first). If you don't have access to a scanner, you can snail-mail me some photos and I'll scan them in.

Anyway, check out these pics... you can click on any of them to see the full size photo.

This is an unnamed road on the outskirts of Knoxville, TN. It goes about 3 miles up the side of a small mountain and then 3 miles back down. As you can see, its a pretty fun drive.

Send me some road pics!


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