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This picture is of all the junk I took off of the my GXL when I installed the headers (for off road use only, of course). The junk pile you see before you consists of:

All 3 cats

Air pump and a bit of its intake ducting

Exhaust manifold (that sucker weighs alot!)

The air control valve is around there somewhere

Miscellaneous heat shielding

I will weigh all of it, and then post a comparison of the weight of the junk pile vs the weight of the header/presilencer... I'm sure I lost a few pounds there.

And here are the WAV files of what the sucker sounds like.... and before you ask, yes, I'm saving up for a nice 50mm HKS exhaust setup.

123.wav - This is a sound file of me taking off a WOT and shifting through first, second, and third. Shift points were all around 6500 rpm.

cruise.wav - Here I am cruising down the road in 5th with the throttle barely open. As you can hear, it is almost as quiet as stock. However, when I open her up, it instantly gets outrageously loud again. Its kinda cool. I can make ALOT of noise and then let off on the throttle and be quiet again.

idle.wav - This is the idle. The mic was practically in the tailpipe, so it sounds alot louder than it really is. Actually, at idle you can barely tell the difference between it and the stock exhaust system. It sounds alot like a chainsaw, don't ya think?

revup.wav - Ok, the idle sounds pretty close to stock, but take a listen to when I blip the throttle a little. Pretty cool, eh?

Thats all the wav files for now, but I'll be posting more when I get the HKS mufflers installed.

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